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5 Beachy Hairstyles for Summer


Welcome the summer with these beachy hairstyles


SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! Read on for our top beachy hairstyles for this summer. All these hairstyles are completely city appropriate too so you don’t need to be at a beach to rock these.

  1. French braid updo

    French-braid-updoThis hairstyle is PERFECT when it’s super windy outside. Start french braiding your hair but instead of braiding it all the way down, pin it up to keep your hair out of your eyes.
    Can’t be bothered with actually braiding your hair? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Why not use a braided headband instead? Check it out here 

  2. Long & wavey

    The summer is all about easy, effortless waves. The messier the better in our opinion 😉
    Since the sun dries out hair don’t forget to condition your hair frequently in the summer. A leave-in conditioner is perfect for on the go, like this one. It will also add moisture and shine to the hair.

  3. Down & braided

    Any kind of braid is gorgeous in the summer but messy french braids are even better. Don’t have thick or long enough hair for a braid?  No worries, for extra volume and fullness check out these 1/2 head hair piece extensions here

  4. Half up, half down
    half up pony

    Yeeeeees girl, you need this. Best of both worlds!

  5. Half up boho bun
    Half up bun

    This is literally the easiest hairstyle to do. All you need to do is section off half your hair and stick it up into a messy bun. Here’s a tip- using a a wrap around ponytail hair piece. It’s perfect for giving the pony section of your hair more volume. Use it any way you like!
    Check it out here


To achieve the best summer hair look you can get, book in a free consultation at CrownCouture- please call the team at 0131 229 2128.