Hair Toppers could be perfect for you if you’re experiencing hair thinning, hair loss or just want to add volume and length to your look. These are simple clip-in hair extensions that attach to the crown and provide full coverage on the top of head.

Simple, discreet and incredibly realistic looking, our high quality toppers blend with existing hair to create the effect of a thick and voluminous head of hair – perfect for hair thinning, hair loss conditions like alopecia, or if you simply want more coverage. CrownCouture’s collection of hair toppers come in a variety of colours, lengths and styles – and are wonderfully easy to use. Our premium quality mono base hair toppers and lace base hair toppers are made from the highest quality human hair, and will give you the natural volume and thickness that you’re after.


Lauren, Edinburgh

It was just exactly what I’ve always been searching for since being so young…I just love it, I love everything about it, I’ll never go back.


I am SO thrilled with my new lease of life! My hair is incredible, it’s MORE than I could have asked for. I feel the same as if I was a middle-aged man who just bought a new Ferrari! 😀 I have had lots of compliments. But most importantly is how it makes me feel. I am no longer hiding, I feel like I can fly now!! You girls made me feel very welcome and comfortable. You were both wonderfully generous with your time and attention, you cannot buy something like that. You girls are stars and with your time and effort those who sit in your chairs are transformed into stars also. Thank you so much again. I cannot thank you more. I had a fun day with you as well as getting the hair of my dreams!