We are #1 specialists for the Intralace hair replacement system Edinburgh.

The Intralace mesh integration system is a non-surgical hair loss procedure that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is because it is a great system for people suffering from alopecia, thinning hair and hair that may be too short for extensions.

This procedure is slightly more complex than other hair replacement systems. During the integration we would normally blend the client’s existing hair with hair that is attached to a custom-made ‘unit’.

Our Intralace units are always made of a soft mesh base, and are tailored specifically to fit each client. Every unit is custom made. At CrownCouture we can create units that are for partial or full-head coverage depending on the degree of hair loss.

We make all of our units using our Premium quality human hair. This hair is usually colour-matched to the client’s natural hair. Alternatively, we can create a unit that gives a totally new style and colour for a bold new look. Once installed, the Intralace unit gives the illusion of a full healthy head of hair.

Our clients gain instant confidence as this Intralace system would normally remain attached 24/7. This means that normal hair washing and sleeping would still remain part of your daily routine.

We find this system is ideal for clients with thinning hair, hair that is short all over, or alopecia with up to 70% hair loss. We would normally arrange a consultation with our client in the first instance. During this time, we would assess the severity of hair loss and make an appropriate plan for treatment. If the client only has thinning or alopecia in the crown area, we may advise that they would be better suited to the Crown Volumiser system.

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Lauren, Edinburgh

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