Hair Extensions in Edinburgh


At CrownCouture, we understand how important hair is to a person’s confidence and that’s why we offer the best hair extensions in edinburgh. We know that by changing the way we look, we can change the way we feel about ourselves. Whether you’re looking to transform your look completely, or just add length or volume, our hair extension team will help you build the confidence you need to shine – both inside and out.

Our hair extension services are renowned for quality and ease, with customers travelling from all over Scotland, the UK and beyond to our salon for hair extensions in Edinburgh. Handsourced with the utmost care, our hair extensions will instantly transform thin, limp hair into thick, luscious locks. 

Our experienced team of specialists have honed their skills and knowledge over the years – and we pride ourselves on using the best, highest quality hair available. Nikki Martes, owner and driving force behind CrownCouture, has travelled the globe to find the best products for her clientele – and all hair must pass Nikki’s quality assurance checks before it’s fitted.

As true hair extension experts, we can help you create the hair you’ve always wanted. And because we know what we’re doing, it will always look 100% natural. Find out more about our award-winning products and services below.