Do you Suffer from thinning hair in the crown area only? Our Crown Volumizer and topper systems are a perfect solution for covering fine or thinning hair specifically in the crown area.

The Crown Volumising system is made up of one unit which would be fitted discreetly and securely to your natural hair. The volumiser allows for a seamless parting finish. This unit can be fitted so that it remains attached 24/7. This means that your normal routine can continue as usual. Our Crown Volumiser is also available as a clip in-clip out system for those looking for a more flexible option. Therefore the unit can be removed for certain activities including sleeping and showering and then reattached again when desired.

Once installed, the crown volumiser gives the illusion of fuller thicker hair around the crown and frontal areas. The crown volumiser has a much faster application time and is a more affordable option than the full Intralace integration system. It will however, still produce the wow factor in the same way as the full system

The Crown Volumiser system is ideal for clients with thinning or short hair around the crown and parting area only. The client must have healthy growth across the rest of the head for this system. If the client has alopecia, weak hair or hair too short to fit extensions to the rest of the hair, they would be better suited to the Intralace hair integration system.

To find out more about our other hair loss solutions, including the Mesh Integration System and our Wig & Hair Piece collections, click here.


Lauren, Edinburgh

It was just exactly what I’ve always been searching for since being so young…I just love it, I love everything about it, I’ll never go back.


I am SO thrilled with my new lease of life! My hair is incredible, it’s MORE than I could have asked for. I feel the same as if I was a middle-aged man who just bought a new Ferrari! 😀 I have had lots of compliments. But most importantly is how it makes me feel. I am no longer hiding, I feel like I can fly now!! You girls made me feel very welcome and comfortable. You were both wonderfully generous with your time and attention, you cannot buy something like that. You girls are stars and with your time and effort those who sit in your chairs are transformed into stars also. Thank you so much again. I cannot thank you more. I had a fun day with you as well as getting the hair of my dreams!

Lorraine and Niki at Crown Couture are very welcoming and knowledgeable about hair extensions and toppers. They go the extra mile to explain various options to suit the client and help to alleviate any concerns or issues you may have. There is no pressure or rush to make an immediate decision as to what you would like to do. I am a repeat customer and all things considered a relaxing and experience awaits you, I would highly recommend using them

I can’t recommend Crown Couture highly enough. I dealt with Lorraine but they are both fantastic, so knowledgeable, put you at your ease and fulfil what they promise . I got a topper and it looks great.Thankyou ladies :clap::clap:

Got a hair replacement piece fitted as I had no confidence with my hair, it was very thin and broken. Could not recommend this enough!! The confidence I now have in my hair is amazing and I would not be able to go out without it. Top quality service and top quality staff!

I always recommend Crown Couture to my clients. I got my hair extensions for my own wedding four years ago and continue you to get my hair from the salon.
The girls are proper professional’s at what they do and are extremely knowledgeable on hair. The new hair replacement system they have created for my hair is a life changer….I couldn’t recommend them enough!!!