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5 Benefits of Using Hair Extensions



The benefits of hair extensions are endless. For those of you who are not blessed with Disney princess-like locks, using hair extensions is a great solution for getting the hair you’ve always dreamed of. Read on for our top 5 reasons why you should be using hair extensions:

1. Instant hair changehair-extensions

Short one day, long the next? It’s up to you 😉
Also- hair extensions are not only used for length, but can also be added for increased volume!

2.Colour change

Here our hair extension specialists at CrownCouture have given the client a beautiful bronde look with different coloured extensions. What’s great with adding different shades is that the hair isn’t actually being damaged during the process 😍

3. Low maintenancehair-extensions

Look, let’s be real. Would you rather be blow-drying and styling your hair for 30 minutes each morning or sleeping? I know what I would much rather be doing. Hair extensions will give you effortless glamour and will half your styling time so you can spend time doing more of what you like instead of spending crazy amounts of time getting ready each morning 👍 Not only this, but the extensions will give your hair a break from styling tools, and you can watch your hair grow!

4. Different looks for different occasions


Hair extensions create endless possibilities for new looks and do’s when going to different events. It’s so much easier to get a fuller looking bun or braid when using extensions because there’s just more hair to work with.

5. Split ends no more

Well, kind of. This isn’t technically true because split ends won’t just disappear when adding hair extensions. However, what extensions do help with is hiding those nasty split ends. Suddenly hair looks and feels so much healthier when you hide those split ends under gorgeous, soft hair extensions. Win-win!

Have we convinced you yet? 😀 We offer several different kinds of hair extensions at our Edinburgh city centre boutique, including different types of clip-ins, LA WEAVE, INVISILOCKS system hair extensions and more. To see our full range of hair extensions click here