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5 Hairstyles to Watch out for in 2017


Happy New Year! We are SO excited about the new year even more excited about new hair trends that will be big in 2017 😉 We’ve made a list of the top 5 hairstyles that will be big in 2017. Read more below!

Super sleek

Sleek and straight hair is what it’s all about this year! Get out your straightener, ladies. But don’t forget to take care of your straight hair if you’ll be straightening a lot. Our CrownCouture Hair Extension Heat Protector Spray is one to keep handy. It provides instant protection against straighteners, curling and direct heat. Available here.

Texture, texture, texture

Yup, textured hair is still going strong this year. With hair extensions you can achieve even better textured waves. More hair = more texture. Check out our different hair extensions here.

Sky high pony

The higher the better! We’re all into the super high pony’s this year. And what’s better- we’ve got a hair hack for you 😉 With our Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Piece you can achieve this look in a second🙌

Hair flip

Flip those haters off. Haha just kidding, we’re talking about the hair flip. It’s easy, it’s effortless, and it looks cool. Check out our clip-in hair extensions and hair pieces here to get more volume for those awesome hair flips.

Golden bronde

Bronde became popular a few years ago and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! 2017 will see golden hues of brondes- it’s the perfect warm-toned hair colour that can be adjusted to work on all skin tones. At CrownCouture we can easily achieve bronde tones by putting in different shades of extensions.