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Are you ready for your client’s Christmas night out requests?  We’ve looked at the key trends this Christmas so that you’re not left out in the dark.


Super straight hair has come back in a huge way in 2017, from the catwalk to the red carpet – super straight sleek hair is everywhere. A lot of clients are looking for this glamorous look but aren’t always so happy with their own hair in this style as it can often look thinner than usual.  The fastest way to fix this problem is with some high quality 100% human hair clip in extensions.  The CrownCouture Mongolian clip in collection is available in 15 gorgeous natural colours.  These allow you to create the look without the hassle! Shop our range here.



Bangs are back! After seeing Chloe Moretz, Penelope Cruz, Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift trying out a fringe a lot of clients are keen to do the same – but not to make the permanent cut.

A clip in fringe or fringe closure is the perfect way for your client to get the look they want for their big night out, but not have to worry about the growing out afterwards!  The CrownCouture clip in fringe or clip in fringe closure attachment is discreet and blends easily.  The clip in comes is ready to wear and can be styled as desired.  Once clipped in using its three clips, the fringe is safe and secure.  Both pieces are made from the highest quality heat-resistant synthetic fibre. See our collection here.



The beauty of the ponytail is that there is quite literally a style to suit everyone – it’s no wonder clients love this look.The pony made a huge comeback in 2017, with every variation from the high to the low, the straight to the curly being seen on everyone’s favourite celebrities.  At CrownCouture we have both straight and wavy wrap around ponytail hair pieces so you can give your client the exact look they desire. Our wrap ponytail has been designed using an internal grip and velcro wrap system allowing for maximum security when worn. Just like our fringe pieces, our ponytails are made from the highest quality heat-resistant synthetic fibre. Click here.



Would it be Christmas without curls?  Curls are the classic night out look, and it’s easy to see why when they’re so flattering for literally every face shape!

Again it’s not unusual to find that your client wants big Hollywood curls but doesn’t always have the hair to match.  An easy fix to this problem is to use a hair piece for maximum thickness with minimum bulk around the head.  At CrownCouture we offer both Half and Three Quarter head pieces in a variety of lengths and styles to suit your clients exact hair needs.