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Blondes fall short…


It is no secret that blonde hair extensions have become increasingly hard to source in the hair extension industry. At CrownCouture we have seen an influx of hair specialists frustrated and looking for a new source of blonde hair.

The exact reason for the shortage of blonde hair in the industry has not been well documented. There are a number of likely reasons for the shortage, including good quality raw hair becoming less abundant and also time-consuming colouring processes which increase lead times for hair shipments. The majority of the raw human hair sourced for hair extensions worldwide starts out as a dark colour, and it can take a long time to produce colours required by the Western market. Colouring processes are often harsh if not done slowly and can often damage the hair before it makes it onto the market.

Our Creative Director Nikki says “During my career in the hair extension market, sourcing good quality blondes has never been easy. At times, some of the most expensive hair I have purchased from suppliers has fallen short of how I would expect hair to perform during installation. This is one of the reasons I wanted to start sourcing hair for myself. I’m delighted to say that our new Russian/Mongolian hair is lasting. It is strong and durable yet still soft and silky.

“I chose all the shades on our colour ring based on experience. I wanted to produce all the ash blondes and white blonde shades I struggled to get hold of myself, and I am excited to share these with other professionals.”

CrownCouture spent many months deliberating over which shades of blonde hair extensions to buy in, and we are confident that we have enough shades to deliver a perfect match every time. Available to buy in 16”, 18” and 20” lengths.

For further information on our blonde hair extensions visit the CrownCouture online shop.