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HOT new Brazilian trend….


Could BURNING split ends be better than a haircut? Daily Mail FEMAIL puts hot new Brazilian trend to the test

  • Velaterapia, or ‘candle-cutting,’ is popular with Victoria’s Secret models including Barbara Fialho, Alessandra Ambrosio and Isabeli Fontana
  • The treatment involves twisting the hair into sections and running an open flame through the length of it
  • It aims to rid locks of split ends without taking anything off the length

Last week, Brazilian supermodel Barbara Fialho revealed the very unusual secret to her glossy locks: she burns her hair to keep it healthy.

Velaterapia, we learned, is a process whereby an open flame – usually a candle – is used to singe off and ‘cauterize’ split ends, opening up the follicles to make hair more receptive to conditioning; all without taking anything off the length.

Daily Mail’s Femail jumped at the opportunity to test out the procedure, in the hopes that this tester would emerge from the flames with a luscious mane, rather than a frazzled mop.

Would you or wouldn’t you…??? At CrownCouture we aren’t sure we are brave enough!

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