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Ok, so if (much like us) you’re guilty of some light Kardashian stalking, you’ll know that they have been hitting the ponytails hard this week. Cue serious hair envy, see exhibit A below:

“How do I get that hair?!” I hear you wonder, well we are here to help.

Ponytail perfection to make even a Kardashian jealous can be yours in literally FIVE minutes! Are you ready for this?

Step 1) Prep your hair and pull it into a ponytail of your choice, as high or low as you’d like and secure with a hair bobble.

Wait, wait. We’re missing something. Where is the stunning never-ending mane of hair tumbling out from your bobble?!

We’ve got your back:

Step 2) Simply wrap this hair piece around your own ponytail, secure using the internal grip and wrap

Step 3) Secure with a hair grip for an invisible finish.

Now you’re looking something like this:

This glamorous hair piece is made from the highest quality heat-resistant synthetic fibre. Available in 11 colours in straight and wavy styles. Purchase your instant wrap around ponytail HERE.