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Sixteen Year Old Girl Named Roxy Cuts Her Hair For The FIRST Time In Her Life!


One of our body’s part that we are taking good care of seriously is our hair, certainly not because it adds up to our looks but also because hair boosts our confidence which makes our whole individuality as a person. But not all people are lucky enough to have nice, shiny hair.

Some may have it but they can’t afford not to make it lengthy but there’s an exemption to some like this Virginia native, 16-year-old girl named Roxy. Ever since she’s born up until she turned 16 years old, she never decided to cut her hair. But life has some surprise to her and she’s ready to go to college, so, she wants to look more mature, and she’s finally ready for a fresh, new look. Watch her video here.

Roxy seek the help of Seventeen magazine to cut her hair and give her the makeover of her life. After a few hours, ta-da! She transformed into some girl we can’t barely recognize away from her first look. What’s even more surprising yet heartwarming is when she decided to donate her long locks to the charity of Beautiful Lengths.

Article from Amazetify