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Hey gals,

So the time is almost here!!! We are just one week away from reopening the salon after almost 4 months of being closed. We are super excited to be seeing all your faces over the next few weeks. It really has been too long!!We hope that most of you have managed to stay happy, healthy and sane (!!) whilst we have been in lock down. We know that a lot of you are buzzing to be coming back into the salon and we cant wait to get all your chat whilst sorting out your manes of hair.

We are fully booked with clients back to back for a good few weeks upon reopening and so we are going to need a little help from you all to keep things running smoothly.

The government has set out various guidelines in order to keep everyone safe, and we will be doing everything necessary to ensure that you feel safe whilst under our care in the salon. We know some of you already know, but we have some exciting salon news….yes, we are adding to the baby brood. I am nearly six months pregnant so must be extra cautious when returning to work as I now fall into the high risk category so would really appreciate your help with implementing these new protocols. Lorraine also falls into the high risk category, as do some of our family members, and many of our clients. The safety of everyone is therefore our main priority.

We ask that you please read through the list of points below. This will help you to familarise yourself with what is going to happen when you come in for your next appointment. Some of these things may seem a little extreme to some, or not enough to others. Everyone has their own level of fear, but we feel the points below are a good effort at keeping us all safe whilst in each others company.

If anyone who has booked an appointment has any issues with any of the points listed below, we would ask that you call the salon asap to discuss your concerns. The number to be calling is 0131 229 2299.

Here’s to a smooth re-opening……See you all soon ladies!!!

Nikki xx

Appointment only

Entry to the salon will be by appointment only. If you would like to buy aftercare products, hair pieces or clip in hair extensions, you must phone ahead to arrange an appointment.

Be on time

Please do not turn up early for your appointment. We will have no waiting area within the salon so please wait outside until we are ready to take you. Likewise, please do not be late for your appointment. We have very strict timings in place in order to get you all in as soon (and as safely) as possible and so if you are even 5-10 minutes late, we will not be able to take you.

Come alone

Please come to your appointment alone. We have suspended our waiting area in the salon in order to reduce the number of people in the salon at any one time. Therefore we cannot have any family, friends, kids or partners waiting in the salon while you have your appointment.

Temp checks

Please do not come to the salon if you feel unwell or are displaying ANY Covid-19 symptoms. We ask that if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, that you reschedule your appointment for in 2 weeks time or later. All staff and clients will be subject to non-contact temperature checks on entering the salon. Anyone with a higher than average temperature (37.5 or over) will be asked to reschedule their appointment.

Face masks

As per regulations, both staff and clients will be required to wear face masks whilst in the salon. Please come with a face mask, otherwise one will be provided to you on arrival within the salon. Other protective items such as disposable gloves will also be available for anyone wishing to use them.

Wash hands

You will be asked to wash your hands on arrival in the salon. Additionally there will be hand sanitiser available at the door, at each styling station and also dotted around the salon for use throughout your visit.

Minimise belongings

To avoid cross contamination, we ask that you minimise the number of belongings you bring to your appointment, and that you keep all your belongings next to you during your appointment.


We will be extremely busy on reopening and so it is necessary to have a 48 hour cancellation policy in place. Please cancel with plenty of warning. Any appointments that are cancelled less than 48 hours before, will be subject to loss of deposit.

Cleaning & sterilising

We will be sanitising each styling station and all touch points before and after each client to ensure that the salon is fully sanitised and safe for the duration of your time with us.


Refreshments will be suspended for the time being however should you require a drink of water whilst in the salon, this will be served to you in a disposable cup.

Sterilisation of tools

To avoid cross contamination, all tools/equipment will be sterilised with Barbacide between clients and each client will be allocated their own comb which will be disposed of (or can be taken away) at the end of their appointment.

Please be patient

We ask for your help and cooperation while we navigate this very busy period within the salon. We also ask that you help us to implement all these new safety procedures in order to keep ourselves and each other healthy. We will be doing our very best to catch up and ensure that you all get in for your hair appointments as safely as possible and in a timely manner.

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