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Getting closer…

Hi Girls

We have been overwhelmed with the number of messages asking when we will be re-opening and of people wanting to book in for well overdue maintenances/new sets of hair. We are delighted that so many of you are so keen to come and see us.

As per government guidelines, unfortunately we still do not have a confirmed date as to when the salon will be allowed to re-open. However it looks like ‪9th July could be our earliest return to work date and we are super excited to see you all! This date is not set in stone however and could be subject to change at Government announcements. We will only open when it is both safe for our clients and staff to do so.

♥ To save confusion and a flurry of last minute changes, we will not be opening our diary for bookings until we have a confirmed date.

♥ When we have a better idea of when our diary will re-open we will be allocating appointments in the fairest way possible. As many if you know, we are currently compiling a priority list of clients to contact first. If you would like to be added to this list please make contact with us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We anticipate that we are going to be extremely busy once we get back to work, but we promise to do all we can to accommodate everyone as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

♥ Our social media messages and emails are still being monitored and our phone line/s remain manned in case there are any urgent issues.

♥ We have spoken to most of you during lockdown; however we just wanted to say, please do not worry about coming back to the salon. Don’t worry about ‘the state of your hair!’, or whether ‘you’ve had to remove them yourself’. We are aware some of you have had your extensions/hair units in for far too long. We are prepared. DO NOT WORRY! We will do our best to fix any problems you come to us with. We honestly don’t care how you turn up as long as you’ve got a bit of extra time to spend in our chair….we will get you sorted!

♥ Please know that each and every one of you is a priority to us so when the time comes, and we get in contact with you, please bear in mind we will need you to have some flexibility with us so we can get you all in asap .

♥ For anyone needing/wanting a new set of extensions or hair replacement system, please let us know in advance. Likewise, if you have removed them yourself and would just like them rebonded and refitted, please let us know in advance. This is something we could potentially prepare in advance (and speed things up) depending on your situation.

♥ Thank you all for your messages and kindness during these last few months. Not only have we missed what we do, but we have also missed each and every one of our clients. Many of you have become like friends over the years and it has been rubbish not seeing you all and getting your life updates. We cannot wait to see you in the salon in the very near future and look forward to a good old catch up!

♥ Thank you again to all of our key workers – your service and sacrifice in order to get us through the first (and hopefully last!!!) peak of this pandemic has been admirable.

♥ Sadly we know a few of our clients have lost loved ones to this virus during lockdown. We want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and we are sending you the biggest of hugs. As always, we will be there ready to share your grief. Nikki always has her much needed box of tissues at the ready!

♥ In prep for reopening, we have been busy doing all of our salon risk assessments. We will be in touch in the coming weeks to let you all know how things will work when you come in for your next appointment. Everyones’ health is our main priority and we promise to do all we can to make sure you are safe whilst you are under our care in the salon.

♥ Lastly, we want to thank you for your continued support and the opportunity we’ve had to be able to serve you all over the years. Here’s to a safe return to work and a good old natter.

Much love to you all,

Nikki & Lorraine xx

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