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Wedding preparation can be stressful – from arranging the venue, choosing the catering, colour scheme and flowers; however Nikki Martes, creative director at hair extension specialists, CrownCouture, offers brides her top tips (do’s and don’ts) when thinking about extensions for their wedding day hair.


Plan your desired style in advance

As soon as you have an idea of what type of style you would like on your big day, book a consultation with a stylist/hair extension specialist to discuss the look, colour and effect you are after. Take images of your favourite looks. This will give your stylist an idea of what you are hoping to achieve. If you have already decided on your dress and veil or hair accessories, then take this information with you too.

Discuss your hair extensions options

A hair extension consultation is usually carried out to look at your suitability for extensions. At CrownCouture, we would look to establish the best way to achieve your desired look, based on your natural hair, budget and whether you are looking for something temporary or more long-term.

Use INVISILOCKS or a CALI WEAVE for a longer lasting option that will last through your wedding day and Honeymoon. However, if the extra maintenance time of caring for INVISILOCKS or CALI WEAVE hair extensions is not for you, then maybe consider clip-ins or a hair piece for the day. These can be really good for creating low buns and chignons. Or can add fine detail to a look using a braided headband or fringe. CrownCouture offers a free, no obligation consultation – contact the salon 0131 229 2299 or visit here.

Get creative with how the extensions/hairpieces are fitted to get the best finished result.

Prep your hair correctly

Wash your hair and hair extensions on the morning of the wedding and not the night before. This will ensure that your hair is not limp and you can add body to the natural hair and hair extensions on the big day.

Have a trial run

Always have a trial run with your hair stylist as this will allow you to ensure you find a style that is what you desire and is comfortable to wear all day. If you are having permanent extensions fitted, get the extensions fitted about two weeks prior to your big day. This will give you time to get comfortable with them and to have any tweaks made to them if you’re finding them difficult to manage.

Get a good colour match

Ensure that the colour match is spot on for an undetectable finish. Ensure your extension technician or stylist is able to offer multi-color extensions. Most people’s hair has multiple shades/tones and so the extensions should reflect that. CrownCouture offers a wide range of mixed shade human hair and synthetic clip-ins which are hand-blended to look totally natural, just like your own hair. 

Style the natural hair and extensions together

If you opt for human hair permanent extensions or human hair clip ins, straighten/curl your real hair and the hair extensions together. This ensures that your natural hair and the extensions are completely blended for a seamless look. If you chose a synthetic hair piece, ensure to read the instructions as sometimes it is better to style your natural hair before cliping in the piece.



Don’t add too much hair

Using too many hair extensions can look unnatural and will also be uncomfortable. You want to make sure you still look like yourself on your wedding day.

Don’t fit or clip in hair extensions too close to your hairline

Not only will they will be uncomfortable, they will be hard to conceal and will restrict the style you can achieve on your wedding day. Instead, be sure to clip them 1/2 inch away from your scalp and 2 inches away from your hairline. This will ensure a more discreet finish.

Don’t blunt-cut any hair extensions or clip ins

If hair extensions are cut blunt, they will not have any body or shape and you will look like you’re wearing extensions. To ensure that they look their most natural, ask your hairstylist to attach them to your hair and then cut them to custom fit your look.


No one will know if you are wearing extensions on your big day, but everyone will give you compliments on your hair.

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